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Want to know what it's like to work at GSI? Don't take our word for it, hear it from our awesome staff members! They come from different places, do different things, and have different views, but they all love being part of GSI. Here, you can read some of their stories, in their own words, about their journey with us. You'll find out how they got here, what they do every day, what they enjoy and struggle with, and how they juggle work and life. These stories are not just informative, but also fun and exciting. We hope you have a blast reading them as much as we had a blast making them.

Meet Marky!

Meet Mark Lester Benbinuto, our Admin Officer at GSI. Mark has been working with us for over two years and he is passionate about his role and the company. He shares with us some of his insights and experiences as a member of the GSI team.

Mark loves the work environment and the culture at GSI. He says that the fun never stops and that he enjoys meeting new people every day. He is motivated by his colleagues and the opportunity to help new employees settle in. He believes that GSI is an employer of choice because of its unique culture and environment.

One of the things that Mark looks forward to at work is the GSI Annual Conference. This event allows him to travel around the Philippines for free and to network with other GSI staff from different regions. He says that the conference is always informative, engaging and fun.

Outside of work, Mark likes to play PS5 games and basketball with his cousins. He also has a curious superpower wish: he would like to have the ability to time travel and go back 20 years ago, when life was simpler.

Mark's favorite office snack is Skyflakes, a plain biscuit that he finds delicious for some reason. He says that it keeps him going during the workday and that he always has a pack in his drawer.

We are glad to have Mark as part of our team and we appreciate his dedication and enthusiasm. He is a great example of what makes GSI a wonderful place to work.

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