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Want to know what it's like to work at GSI? Don't take our word for it, hear it from our awesome staff members! They come from different places, do different things, and have different views, but they all love being part of GSI. Here, you can read some of their stories, in their own words, about their journey with us. You'll find out how they got here, what they do every day, what they enjoy and struggle with, and how they juggle work and life. These stories are not just informative, but also fun and exciting. We hope you have a blast reading them as much as we had a blast making them.

Say hello to Judel!

Judel Falguisana is an HR Administration Specialist at GSI, a global company that provides innovative solutions for various industries. She joined GSI in 2023 and has been enjoying her work ever since. In this article, she shares what she loves about GSI, what sets it apart as an employer of choice, and what motivates her in her work.

One of the things that Judel loves about GSI is its culture. She says that some people may think that when a company claims to be a family, it is a red flag and a sign of a toxic work environment. However, she says that this is not the case at GSI. "The people within the organization are the ones who shape the culture. The collective values, behaviors, attitudes reflect the shared beliefs and practices of the employees bring to the workplace. It's always fun to work in the office because of the people. No dull moments."

Another thing that Judel appreciates about GSI is its leadership and its people. She says that the leaders at GSI trust their employees and give them the autonomy to excel in their roles. They also avoid micromanaging and empower their staff to make decisions and take ownership of their work. "This not only empowers us but also contributes to a very positive work environment," she says.

Judel also praises GSI for its inclusivity and respect for diversity. She says that she feels safe and comfortable at GSI, even for her colleagues who are LGBTQIA+ members. She says that she is not afraid to open up and share her opinion at GSI, as everyone, even the CEO, is ready to listen and help. "GSI respects its people, hence, the people respect the organization," she says.

When asked what she looks forward to at work, Judel says that it is her friends and workmates. She says that everyone at GSI is fun and makes going to the office enjoyable. She says that the support, shared experiences, and teamwork create a motivating and fulfilling atmosphere. She also says that even the challenging tasks and busy periods are more manageable because of her colleagues. "Even the toughest days are more bearable because of them. I love the people here," she says.

Judel reveals what motivates her in her work at GSI. She says that it is the trust she receives from her stakeholders, local leaders, and teammates. She says that she loves how they listen to her suggestions and trust that she can do them. She says that knowing that her colleagues and superiors have confidence in her abilities inspires her to give her best effort and contribute positively to the team.

Judel's favorite events this year were the Year-End and Christmas Party, where she enjoyed the festive atmosphere and the fun moments with her co-workers. She said that these events made her happy and brought out her extroverted side. She is looking forward to more activities and events at GSI that will foster camaraderie and teamwork.

Judel is a self-proclaimed introvert who likes to spend her free time at home, watching Korean dramas, Tiktok videos, and playing with her three dogs. She said that being alone gives her peace and helps her recharge and be her best version of herself. She loves fruits, especially bananas and oranges, which she used to find in the pantry when she first joined GSI. She said that fruits are the only healthy food she eats when she is in the city, since she does not know how to cook and usually orders fast food. Judel's superpower wish for a day is to lose weight, because she has a sweet tooth and struggles with dieting. She said this with a laugh and a smile, showing her cheerful personality and sense of humour.

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